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Monday, November 3, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008
So Kennedy had a great 1st Halloween. She was an adorable Giraffe!!!! However, she was not able to stay in her outfit long because it was so darn hot. We made lots of stops on Halloween night. The three of us stopped by Ramonas house (one of Kennedy's Primary NICU Nurses). It was great to finally meet her husband and her gorgeous girls. I have heard alot about them, it was nice to finally but a face to a name.

Then we were off to my parents house. Our friends Jessica, Sean and their daughter Kaiti met us over there. We went around the block trick-or-treating and showing Kennedy off to all my moms neighbors. However, Kennedy was really cranky. The day before Halloween, I had to change Kennedy's Corpak. I moved it from the right nostril to the left nostril. Since the change she was really fussy and cranky. She also was chocking, coughing, sneezing, and gaging more then she ever has. So on Saturday, I decided to take it out and switch it back to the right nostril. Once I did that I had a completely different baby. Either the corpak was rubbing against something or there is some sort of blockage in her left nostril - who knows!!!
Back to Halloween....After my parents we went over to our best friends house Derek and Jen(Kennedy's Godparents). We hung out, watched movies, looked at wedding pictures and chatted the night away. It is so nice to have such great friends - we love you!!!
(Above: Kennedy did not know what to do once I put her in her Giraffe outfit)

(Above: The most perfect Giraffe in the whole world)

(Above: "Strike a Pose")

(Above: Kennedy and the best Godparents in the world)