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Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

(Above: This is one of Kennedy's Christmas Card Pictures.)

(Above: Bath time - Kennedy's favorite time of the day!)

(Above: Showing off her baby blues)

(Above: Kennedy using her new froggy that she got for X-mas - it really keeps her warm in the bath)

(Above: looking at Christmas lights up the street)

(Above: Kennedy all bundled up ready to look at some Christmas Lights)

(Above: Right after Kennedy got her picture taken with Santa Claus)

(Above: Kennedy and her cousin Brennen)

(Above: Kennedy with her sock puppet from her Aunts back East)

(Above: Kennedy and Daddy relaxing after opening up presents X-mas morning)

(Above: Awesome Alex opening up her present from her Super Secret Santa Brian)

(Above: Kennedy's cousin Ashlynn)

(Above: Kennedy and Grandma)

(Above: We have a new Sheriff in town - thanks Uncle Vincent)
(Above: Kennedy playing with all of her toys from Christmas)

(Above: Gosh this is easy! Kennedy and her cousin Ashlyn)

(Above: Trying to get Kennedy to take her milk from a sippy cup - she seemed to do pretty good)

(Above: Kennedy is ready to ring in her first new year)

(Above: Daddy and Kennedy waiting for the clock to strike midnight)

(Above: Happy New Year!!!!!)

(Above: Daddy and Kennedy relaxing after a long long day in the ER)


Daryl's Dad said...

oh my gosh finally! scott and i were worried about you guys. im glad you had a good christmas. and these pics of Kennedy are so cute, what a sweet precious little girl! shes such a little angel. im sorry shes sick. hope she feels better. tell her Daryl says hi!!