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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Bonomo Family Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Today Brian and I took Kennedy to the Christmas tree farm to pick out her very first Christmas Tree!!! She was awake for the first 10 minutes of walking around trying to pick out "the perfect tree", however, soon feel asleep in her pack. I am so excited to get to celebrate this Christmas with our baby. I think this is going to be the best christmas thus far.

We decorated our tree and listened to Christmas music all afternoon. Kennedy just relaxed (slept) on the couch. I love this time of year!!! I also have dressed Kennedy in Christmas attire since Thanksgiving, hey you don't have long to dress your baby in whatever you want so I am taking full advantage.

On a side note....Kennedy has been doing great since we started the rice cereal and stopped her prevacid and reglan medications (without doctors orders). I am sure I will get an earfull on Monday from her GI doctor, however, what did he want me to do??? I was not about to let her stay in the state she was in. She has not thrown up since Friday night!!!! In addition, she is just so calm and content (like she used to be). I am concluding that it was the medicine and not the G-tube that was bothering Kennedy. The G-tube was placed and medicine began on the same days.
Enjoy the pics!!!!!

(Above: A typical Kennedy face - Mommy loves Christmas attire!!!!)

(Above: "Auntie.....Get this hat off me")

(Above: Chubby cheeks!)

(Above: Slumber party @ Grandpa and Grandmas. Kennedy and I spent Thursday and Friday night at my parents. We had a nice relaxing couple days, it was nice to have so many hands!)

(Above: Picking out Kennedy's first Christmas Tree)

(Above: Santas Little Helper)

(Above: Daddy and Kennedy)

(Above: Reindeer Feet)

(Above: Mommy and Kennedy)


Daryl's Dad said...

we put up our Christmas tree yesterday too! Daryl had a good time pulling dads beard while he hung up his two ornaments. she likes to sing the christmas carols, even though she doesnt know the same words as the rest of us! be well family Bonomo

Jennifer said...

You're tree looks beautiful:) I had fun going to the tree farm with the Bonomo's. See you soon:)

Gabe and Lacey Veron said...

Hey!! its Lacey. Merry Christmas!! i am glad u see u baby girl home! she is soo cute :)I am glad to see she is doing better.