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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wednesday, December 3, 2008
The one thing I wanted more then anything was to have Kennedy home for the Holiday's. Kennedy celebrated her first Thanksgiving at Aunt Donna's. It was a day full of food, laughter, and fun. Kennedy was a bundle of joy on Thursday. She was up longer and more alert then she had ever been before. No one could keep their hands off her. She was a social butterfly and the highlight of the day.

The things I am thankful for:
* I am thankful that God gave me Kennedy. Even though life has been so hectic I forget to brush my teeth and wash my hair sometimes I wouldn't want it any other way. Since Kennedy came along I learned that not all people can handle a child with special needs. However, I know I can and I couldn't imagine Kennedy with anybody else.
* I am thankful for my family and friends. For all their help and understanding. I know I have not been the best of friends or the funniest to be around lately but you all understand why and don't judge or resent me for that.
* I am thankful for all the strength and resilience Kennedy has in her
* I am thankful for medicine, doctors, nurses, feeding tubes, bulb syringes, and spit up rags
* But most importantly I am just thankful to have Kennedy home where she belongs!!!

(Above: Kennedy in her 1st Thanksgiving outfit)

(Above: Nana (Great Great Grandma) holding Kennedy for the first time ever)

(Above: Five Generations - and no we do not have scrubs on this time!!!)

(Above: Kennedy with all the girls)

(Above: Kennedy was screaming bloody murder to get away from all those men - she is truly a girly girl)

(Above: an ole fashion stare off between grandpa and Kennedy)

(Above: Kisses!!!!)

(Above: Just the three of us)