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Thursday, September 17, 2009

1 Year in the Making

Saturday, August 15, 2009
So Brian and I decided around late June that we wanted to through Kennedy a huge 1st Birthday Celebration. Not only for her, but for us too! I mean this was a huge moment for our family. We made it - I mean we beat the odds (well the odds all the doctors gave us)! I decided on a beach type theme seeing as it was summer and all and I hand made Kennedy's flip flop invitations. We had the party at my Aunt Donna's (Thank you) because my parents house was still under construction. All of Kennedy's best friends showed up - Ashlyn, Brandon, Samantha, Sophie, Fiona, Avery, Darby, Kaiti, Madison, and Antonio!!!

It was a great party!!!! We had a taco guy come in and cater everything so that Brian and I were not stuck behind a grill and we were able to enjoy every minute of Kennedy's celebration. She received some amazing presents. We even got some sensory type presents for her, which are amazing. All in all it was an amazing day! It goes to show how much support we have. We as a family are very blessed to have so many family and friends behind us in this journey.

Now to start planning birthday celebration #2 - LOL!

(Above: Kennedy's 1st Birthday invitations - which I had made)

(Above: Kennedy's candy bar)