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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kennedy is 1

August 13, 2009
I can not believe it my baby girl is 1!!! Who would have thought - well I did, but I know a lot of people thought she would never make it to see her first birthday. Brian and I had planned a huge birthday celebration for both Kennedy and ourselves on Saturday, August 15th, however, we could not let her actual birthday pass without having some sort of celebration.

Brian and I cooked a feast and had our family and a couple friends over to celebrate. We ate, drank, threw shoes, and socialized in the backyard all night long. When we sang happy birthday to Kennedy I became really overwhelmed with emotion. I just kept thinking, "We did it". We beat the odds. We were told repeatedly that we would take our baby home and she would never see her 1st birthday, but she did! Auntie Ash made Kennedy and homemade birthday cake/pie/pudding thing and we sang to Kennedy as loud as we could - she loved all the noise and stimulation! Her eyebrows were raised as she looked around. It was a night I will never forget!!!

Happy Birthday Peanut!!!!!!


Cindy's Garden Thoughts said...

Congratulations to all the Bonomos! Kennedy looks awesome with her smile. And Stephanie, youre looking really tan!

Cindy Poore,
Kennedy Claytons Grandma