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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful for you!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Dear Kennedy,

It is our second Thanksgiving together and I am so incredibly thankful to be able to spend the entire day with you! I thank god every minute to have you in my life. When I reflect back on the things I am thankful for it is hard to be thankful for anything but you! Even though you are unable to move or talk to me we share such a strong connection and bond. You will only sleep if daddy and I are in our room with you and. If you could have it your way you would sleep between daddy and I in our bed every night. Nightly we fall asleep holding each others hands. You sense when you are alone and you hate it. I love watching you peacefully sleep when I wake up before you, which rarely happens because you hate to sleep.

I wanted you to know that your birth and presence in my life has made me a better person. You have made me face so many situations and emotions that WERE so outside of my comfort zone. You made me into so many things that i never thought defined me. Before you were born I was a very black and white kinda person and hated gray area's. If a decision needed to be made I needed to have all the facts/details before I would commit to anything. I never played the lottery and never invested in any high risk stocks- NEVER! I took the conservative route when allocating monies for my 401K. I hated surprises and always had everything planned out! Sometimes I was even referred to by others as having OCD - everything had its place and if I had to be somewhere at 5 I would show up at 4:45. I never took risks and enjoyed my mildly calm, routine, systematic, and sometimes boring life. Then you came along and challenged my personality and character. I am everything I never thought I was and more because of you.

I am going back to school to become an RN like your guardian angels and mommies mentors/heros (Laura, Kecia, Ramona, and Michelle your primary nurses in the ICU) and help baby's/kids just like you! You are my inspiration and no matter what happens to you I will be forever grateful!

I love you,


Gabe and Lacey Veron said...

Beautiful steph, I am in love with that picture of Kennedy on your main headed. she is a true beauty

Linda said...

that was beautiful, it is so amazing how one little life can make such an impact on so many. she is our angel, sent from God to remind us how lucky we are with what we have.
thank you, Kennedy