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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Celebration Fit For A Princess

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Kennedy's Memorial Service was two and a half weeks ago and I can recall the service with such clarity like it was yesterday. The day after Kennedy passed away one of my really good friends Jennifer Bagwell (Kennedy's personal photographer LOL) called me to ask if I would allow her to plan and organize Kennedy's memorial service. For most of you that know me and those that may not, I kind of consider myself a little bit of a control freak and am slightly OCD - I am a take control kind of person. My normal reaction would have been to politely decline and take on the project myself. Partly because of my personality but mostly because I don't like to put others out - I don't want to be a burden. However, the day Jen called me to ask about planning the service I immediately replied with a huge sigh of relief, "yes I would honored and eternally grateful if you would take on this overwhelming task".

Kennedy's service was absolutely perfect! No detail was overlooked. It was bright and cheery. There were hundreds and hundreds of flowers. Jen made an amazing three tiered centerpiece consisting of large cylindrical vases filled with water and orchids. There were also two personalized monogrammed banners which were also very bright and colorful and a wishing tree that allowed people to leave personal messages Kennedy. Furthermore, the tables were covered with bright bubble gum pink tablecloths and adorned with gorgeous flower centerpieces and finished with individually filled mason jars of peanuts (of course my favorite finishing touch). The service was so appropriate and could not have been a more perfect way to honor our little Kennedy. It was definitely a party fit for a princess.

The service started with an amazing 15 minute slideshow that Brian and I put together. It was a very emotional yet fulfilling project for us to do. It was so nice to look back upon our daughters two and a half years and to know that she lived one hell of a life. I am still trying to figure out how to post the slideshow to my blog. It was very important to me to have someone who knows our family and who knows Kennedy and her incredible journey to lead her memorial service. I was honored when our friend Pastor Rod agreed to lead Kennedy's service (he was the person who blessed Kennedy when she was just weeks old in the NICU @ Loma Linda). Rod did an amazing job. He kept the mood up beat and very positive - he led the service the way we chose to live our lives.

After Pastor Rod spoke I got up to say a little bit about Kennedy's impact on myself and the rest of the world (I will post my eulogy another time). I was left speechless when numerous family and friends got up to speak. It was so incredibly touching and truly was an honor. Listening to the words of others really reaffirmed Kennedy's purpose and meaning in this world and illustrated what an impact she has had on so many. It truly was a celebration fit for a princess.

(A memorial table I set up at home with items from Kennedy's service)


Gipson said...

This is so wonderful. Love to you both!

Gipson said...

P.S. Remember when that picture of Kennedy's changing table was empty, and you thought you'd never bring her home?
Remember when you thought you'd never see her smile?
I am so glad for you that both of those dreams came true, and that you have had these two wonderful years with her.
God bless you both as you work through all of your emotions and prepare for your new baby as well.