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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1 down 2 to go

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Kennedy has been doing so good. The doctors are trying to get a hand on her blood pressure, but other then that, she has been doing great. She has been really active and alert the last two days. She has been keeping her eyes open for hours at a time. She has also become aware of her breathing tube and is trying to pull and push it out. Whenever I see her get her hands on it - I freak out. The nurses have said that babies have extabated themselves. I surely don't want Kennedy to be performing any procedures on herself.

She is also moving around alot more. So much so that her Physical Therapist commented on her range of motion today. She is also getting more fidgety - she wants her mommy and daddy to get her out of bed. Hopefully her blood pressure gets a little more stable so that we are able to hold her again. I have gotten to hold her twice for 20 minutes so next time is Brian's turn (darn, I guess I will share). She is also becoming more expressive. Whereas before, whenever someone would do something to her that she didn't like she would just d-sat, however, now she is starting to frown, raising her eyebrows to give a dirty look, and even crys (no noise comes out but her face gets all red and wrinkled and her mouth is wide open). It is so nice to see her acting more like a "normal" baby!!!

After Brian and I gave Kennedy her bath and feed her dinner, the attendee stopped by to check on her blood pressure. Being me, I had to see if any tests came back and he informed Brian and I that they did get one test back that refuted the chance of her having Adrenoleukodystrophy!!! Wooo Hooo - we are able to rule one of the three test out!!! Brian and I are just staying positive and doing everything we can to comfort and be with our little peanut. She is such a strong willed little girl -I wonder where she got that from (Nana, Mimi, my Mom, and Me - HAHAHAHA)! Hopefully this week we will be able to get a picture of all five strong willed females in my family. For those who didn't know, Kennedy has a great great grandma, a great grandma, and a grandma all on one side. So if all goes well, I will post our first FIVE generation all girls family photo.
(Above: Kennedy sound asleep with her mommy washcloth. My primaries told me to sleep with a washcloth and bring it in so that Kennedy can smell me all day long)

(Above: Kennedy trying to get a grip on her breathing tube - I think she is over that thing down her throat)

(Above: Multi tasking at its finest. Dad is holding Kennedy's hand while posing for a picture. Mom is feeding Kennedy while taking the picture and Kennedy is trying to get one of us to put more breast milk in her syringe. She is up to 12cc's every 3 hours. They are increasing her feedings by 1cc every 6 hours)

(Above: "HI EVERYONE - thanks for praying for me")


MOPS at Granite Creek said...

I am SOOOOOO excited to hear all this great news!!! I can't even tell you! Someday, when you decide to call me back i'll tell you all about my "chat" with God, and what he has led me to believe about Kennedy...meanwhile, I put in a prayer request and my church is praying for her and after last Sunday's service I had a nice long prayer with a lady at church for you and your family.
I can't wait to meet the precious little angel that is on my mind ALL day!
Lots of love, and blessings.

L_O_V_E said...

hi steph and brian!

It's andria and gina! we are so happy that you have created this page for kennedy. we have been checking here updates everyday since your mom gave us the address. My mom can't get over how much she looks like you when you were a baby steph :)We are extremly happy to hear that she has been doing so well! My mom and great grandma have been doing novenas together for kennedy since the day she was born. so it's nice to hear that everyone's prayers are being answered. We can't be more impressed with how strong you are as parents and most of all what a strong baby girl you have! Your strength, love, and support for her has given her what she needs to be the strong little angel she is.
We cant't wait to meet little peanut who's on our minds all day everyday! :)
We love you guys with all our hearts and will continue to be in our prayers.
Love Andria and Gina

hopefloatz said...

Hi Brian and Stephanie -- I talked to your great grandma Sharon today. She said the Kennedy is off the vent and is kicking her legs. That is wonderful news. Our richest blessings to you both. We are keeping you in all our prayers. God Bless you all. Love, Karol and EW Fountain (I am the daughter of your great Aunt Miggs, from Arkansas (she is your great grandma Mae's sister) EW and I moved to a small community about 50 miles north of KANSAS CITY, MO about 3 years ago.

Frankie said...

She is absolutely beautiful.........Hang in there...Our prayers are with her and with you both as well.... love, Frankie, Brian and Hayden xoxoxo