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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something Positive

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Brian and I got to the hospital at noon like we always did. Kennedy got a new roommate. A little boy was moved right next to Kennedy. The mom and dad came in to visit their son. The Mom bent over to pick her son up out of his bed and I could feel was jealousy and anger. I mean I was happy that they were able to hold their baby but I was envious that I could not hold mine. I feel really bad that these feelings crossed my mind, but I just couldn't help them. As I was feeling bad for myself Kennedy decided to open up her eyes for her daddy and I to see.

This was the first time she had opened her eyes since being transferred to Loma Linda (one week earlier). I forgot about how sad I was that I couldn't hold Kennedy and was overjoyed by seeing her beautiful blue eyes open up and stare at Brian and I. The couple next to us probably thought we were crazy. Brian and I were so elated to see out baby. It was the first sign of life she had showed in about a week. It gave Brian and I hope - hope that everything might be okay.
Our day nurse Heather had a suprise for us. She got a really cute pink bow for Kennedy's hair. She looked absolutly beautiful. It is the most dressed up Kennedy's has ever been - HAHAHA!!
Then that night we received even more good news. Kennedy had three nurses who wanted to primary her. A primary nurse is someone who oversees Kennedy whenever they are scheduled to work. This allows someone to really get to know Kennedy. It allows Brian and I to build a relationship with them and allows them to build a relationship with Kennedy. Primary nurses normally are able to tell when something is wrong before test show something is wrong because they know their baby.

Kennedy has one AM Primary - Keisha and two PM Primaries - Ramona and Michelle. We wanted to ask all of them to be Kennedy's primary, however, we didn't want to put them on the spot. It worked out perfectly.