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Friday, March 13, 2009


Friday, March 13, 2009
So Daddy and Kennedy had a good day today. Brian took toady off to take Kennedy to her MRI so I could get caught up at work. Her MRI went great. They tried to perform the MRI without sedation, however, it was not successful. So the actual MRI took longer then anticipated because they had to place the IV and administer the sedation once they took her back.

After the MRI it took Kennedy awhile to wake up from the sedation. So now we sit and wait for the results.....Our appointment with the Neurologist is Tuesday, March 31st.


Jennifer said...

Well at least it's over! Our neuro asked if we wanted another MRI at our recent check up and I told her it wouldn't change anything so why bother? We've only had one following his discharge from the NICU where we got the diagnosis of cerebellum atrophy and thin myelin on his corpus collosum. If things were to change I would get another one but we just keep on keepin' on and will let Liam do what God allows Liam to do. Hopefully this will be your only MRI for decades to come! ;-D

Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Hi! Saw you on Jennifer's page and wanted to stop in and say hi. 1st of all, Kennedy is absolutely stinking adorable! What a sweetheart, and what a trooper! I haven't had time to read your whole blog yet, but it sounds like you guys have been put through the wringer, too, and I'm so sorry. We've had our moments, too... Our son is a surviving twin 23 weeker with cerebellar hypoplasia and a hundred other issues, too, and they still can't tell us anything. They did at one point diagnose him with Joubert's Syndrome, and I wondered if they had looked at that for Kennedy? Hypotonia and cerebellar atrophy are 2 symptoms, but it's very rare... At any rate, just wanted to say hi and good luck, and I'm going to keep on following Miss Kennedy's progress, and we'll be praying for you guys!