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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wednesday, March 25, 2009
So Kennedy's photo shoot @ The Picture People turned out so darn good - to bad I can't figure out my stupid scanner so that I can upload them for all to see. ARGHHHH!!!!

We got some really good picutres of Kennedy and her cousin Brennan. You can see just how much Brennan loves Kennedy!

Anyways, as soon as Brian figures out our really expensive printer/scanner/fax I will post the pics


Brindle said...

oh i cant wait to see tose pictures. sophie is getting her easter pics taken next week. dont you hate those dang scanners, i cant get mine hooked up either :) haha. oh i would love to come over for a bbq. i depends on what day cuz i have an engagement/ house warming party to go to of my soon to be sister in law on saturday. if it doesnt work out lets try to catch up one of these days.