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Friday, April 10, 2009

The adventures of Kennedy

Friday, April 10, 2009
Since we found out this horrible news about Kennedy's Degenerative Neurological Disorder Brian and I decided we need to get Kennedy out and about as much as possible.

Kennedy went to Disneyland for the very first time last Friday. She loved it....we rode on the Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh (which she loved b/c all the bright lights), Snow White (which she slept through), The Haunted Mansion, & Buzz Lightyear Master Blasters (which was her favorite). We went with my Mom and Dad, my cousin Alex and her friend Shay, my friend Brindle and her daughter Sophie. We had a blast - I can't wait to take her to California Adventure Next.

On Thursday night after Kennedy and I had dinner @ CPK with Jen and Brandon I got a phone call from my friend Melissa saying that they had a Suite @ The Citizens Business Arena for Disney on Ice and she asked if we wanted them for Kennedy. Of course I want to take Kennedy!!! I was so excited I could not wait to take her :) I called a couple of my girlfriends with kids and asked them to join me. We had such a good time. Kennedy was not to sure of the show during the first half....I think the noise kinda bothered her. However, during the intermission Kennedy settled down and loved the second half. She loved all the lights and noise.
~ Thank you Driftmier Family for this awesome opportunity to take Kennedy to her very first Disney on Ice Show - Kennedy is so lucky to have people like this in her life ~

A couple of weeks ago Brian bought us tickets to take Kennedy to her very first Angels Game. It was a big family affair.....we went with Kennedy's Uncle Greg, Uncle Chris, Uncle Chris' girlfriend & cousin Josh. We had great seats in the left field pavilion. Kennedy was all decked out in her Angels gear and she had such a great time. However, we did miss the fly over and the first couple of innings because the traffic was horrific getting into the stadium.


Derek said...

Good to see Kennedy is getting to enjoy all of those exciting things.

Brindle said...

oh yay some new pictures!!!!! we had such a great time with you guys at disney land and disney on ice. cant wait to do it again. love you guys!!!!!!!

Amber said...

What a busy girl...what great memories you are creating. :0)
I don't know if you are aware of a photo opportunity for you and your is the link:

Your little one is a hero...if I've ever seen one! They will photograph you where ever you wish. I recently posted a portion of my session on my site, if you want to see a bit of our experience.

I mainly wanted you to know that I will remember your my prayers. :0)

ThatsMe!! said...

Looks like you are really keeping that girl busy...Lovely pictures.. I am glad your choosing to really go all out and live life right now and show Kennedy all these special things... Your all in my thoughts and prayers ..Please contact the Make A Wish Foundation... they will have a person in your area, that can come and help you plan a really extra special wish for you guys...
Wishing you
Peace this Easter

Jennifer said...

Hey guys! I hope all is well- you haven't posted in a while and i just wanted you to know we are thinking of you!