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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quick Update......

Saturday, June 27, 2009
I wanted to do a quick post before we left for our 4th of July extravaganza in San Diego!!!  Kennedy and I will be soaking up the sun and enjoying the water for one week!

On Thursday, June 25, 2009 Kennedy slept in her own bed for the very first time!  She only woke up three times that night to be turned and each and every time she feel promptly back to sleep.  She is just doing amazing!  She is smiling more and more and really starting to babble.  

Also, Kennedy's best friend was born today!!!!  Our very best friends Derek and Jen (Kennedy's Godparents) welcomed their daughter into the world this morning.  Samantha Jean Smith was born @ 12:04 a.m. weighing 8 lbs 11 oz and 19.5 inches long.  The Smith family is doing great - Congratulations!!!!  

(Above: Happy baby in her new baby jogger stroller)

(Above: This is what happens when mommy goes out for the night - Kennedy sleeping with nothing but a diaper on.  Daddy said that Kennedy told him that she was hot!  She did look pretty cute though!!!)

(Above: Daddy and his Peanut this morning in bed)

(Above: Kennedy about to cry - "Mommy - why do you have to put me in all these dresses with these darn bows in my hair"!)

(Above: Kennedy loves her new found talent - Smiling)

(Above: Kennedy playing with her teacher)

(Above: I am ready for summer - San Diego here we come!!!)

(Above: What happened????)

(Above: Kennedy looking very mischievous)


Jamie said...

It so amazing to see how wonderful Kennedy is doing. We have all prayed for her. I am so happy for you and Brian. Her little smile is making up for all the heart ache.

ThatsMe!! said...

love the pictures..she is such a cutie pie..I am so happy top hear about how well she is doing ...Have a great 4th of July weekend :-)

Derek said...

Samantha can't wait to meet Kennedy, bring her by for what I am sure will only be the first of thousands of photo shoots.

Brandon said...

Well I hope you and Brian are getting some much needed "Mommy and Daddy" time together now that Kennedy is in her own bed!!!!
Maybe a sister will come out of this new sleeping arrangement? Hee hee....